Landscape Installation

At Singleton Landscaping & Treewe specialize in landscape installations in the Chicago, Illinois area. Whether starting from bare ground or renovating an existing landscape, we can make your vision come to life. There are a number of choices available to consumers and businesses. Drought tolerant, native plants, water-wise, low maintenance, deer resistant, Xeriscape and water conservation are all concepts we are intimately familiar with at Singleton Landscaping & Tree— and we are ready to help the customer understand how those ideas can work for them.
  • Drought Tolerant: Drought tolerant landscaping and plants are able to grow or thrive with minimal water or rainfall, drought resistant plants can survive for long periods of time without water. Water-wise refers to landscaping with plants that grow well in a garden that manages water sensibly. Additional terms for drought tolerant include Xeriscape, water-smart, water-conservation, dry garden, and dry landscaping.
  • Native Plants: Most drought tolerant plants are what are considered native plants in a particular region. They are the plants, shrubs, and trees that graced the Illinois landscape long before settlers showed up with other plants and a garden hose.
  • Low Maintenance: All landscaping requires some maintenance to remain attractive. While a garden definitely boosts your home’s curb appeal, it also claims a lot of your free time. There’s no such thing as a maintenance-free garden, but choosing smarter plantings does cut down on the amount of pruning and watering required. So, the next time you plant, we can help select plants that require less attention.
  • Xeriscape: Xeriscape is often used to outline a landscaping style that uses drought-tolerant plants to help conserve water and sometimes used to outline a style that uses no water.
  • Deer Resistant: While no plant is 100-percent “deer-proof,” there are a number of flowers, shrubs and trees deer avoid, which can be affected by the pressure placed on their preferred sources of food. Most deer in Illinois haven’t read the list of plants they are not supposed to eat. Therefore, the only sure method of preventing damage is to enclose an area with deer fencing or enclose the plants in mesh, a much costlier option to reducing the temptation.
Please contact our local experts on the many options for landscaping. The correct landscape design with appropriate plantings can make your investment grow into a valuable asset to your home or property.
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