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Sprinkler Sytem

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Automatic Irrigation Design

For over forty years, residential and commercial properties have depended upon Automatic Irrigation Design for quality, dependability, and efficient service in lawn sprinkler installation. This has made us the leading installer of lawn sprinkler systems in the CHICAGO-state area.


For the homeowner, an Automatic Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler installation means ending forever the tiresome job of lawn watering. Like any permanent improvement, a lawn sprinkler installation will add appreciably to the value of your home, while enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden.
When Automatic Irrigation Design installs your automatic in-ground sprinklers, water waste and over watering is eliminated. You are assured that your lawn sprinklers are automatically and efficiently providing for your lawn and garden watering needs.

Added Value

An in-ground irrigation system not only offers convenience and beauty but, like any permanent improvement, will add appreciably to the value of your home, while enhancing the beauty of your lawn and garden.

Fertilizer Treatments

Lawn care analysis and diagnosis – These are the starting points of every customer relationship at Watts Landscaping. Let us begin our relationship with you by offering you a free lawn service evaluation. Once we know what your needs are, we’ll be able to help you fulfill them. Our local landscaping and lawn care experts will leverage their knowledge of your local environment to create your ideal lawn care program.

With Landscaping Now Free Lawn Care Evaluation, our experts perform a detailed analysis of your lawn, including:

Evaluation of your lawn’s overall health
Classification of grass types in your lawn
Identification of weeds, insects and diseases in your yard
Examination of your lawn mowing and yard watering techniques
Personalized recommendations for achieving and maintaining the greenest, thickest and healthiest lawn possible
Personal detailed report with a price quote
We offer everything you need for a beautiful lawn regardless of its current condition. Our lawn care program features custom blends of phosphate free fertilizers with Duration controlled release technology. This custom blend produces a beautiful, lush green turf while decreasing nitrogen input and eliminating the need for Phosphorus. This proprietary blend provides a better base for consistent color, better disease resistance, stronger root system and increased drought tolerance. Traditional lawn care programs only make your lawn green. Our program makes your lawn healthy! We also offer a number of additional

Our program includes:

6 fertilizer treatments featuring Duration controlled release technology
Broadleaf weed control as needed
Preventative crabgrass control
Free service call guarantee
Email notification before each visit
Detailed analysis and recommendations
Soil pH test
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